Success Stories

The Biggest Losers aren't only on TV. The diet phenomenon has inspired millions of people around the world to fight back against flab and do something about their weight. And with the help of The Biggest Loser Club, these members have transformed their lives and achieved amazing results.

Katrina lost 64.7kg*

Retail sales assistant Katrina Dobbie had always been big, so for her, weight was never an issue. But after something 'clicked' in her head, she joined the The Biggest Loser Club and hasn't looked back.

Ararat’s Sexy Mumma Sharon Basset

Since losing an astounding 37% (40.2kg) of her weight on The Biggest Loser Challenge Australia, 32-year-old Sharon Basset’s life hasn’t been the same.

Ararat’s Town Champion Toni Stockwell

After years of self-neglect, The Biggest Loser Challenge Australia gave 49-year-old Toni Stockwell and her husband, Kerry, the chance to turn their life around.

Ararat’s town champion Jane Jantzen

When The Biggest Loser Challenge Australia rolled into Ararat earlier this year, 43-year-old Jane Jantzen never intended to become a town champion. 

But as fate would have it, Jane - who weighed 121kg at the time - went on to become one of the final six contestants, and lost an amazing 40kg by the end of the show.

Craig Booby: The Biggest Loser 2014

The past year has truly been a rollercoaster for Craig Booby. At his heaviest, Craig weighed 183.4kg, but dropped a gob-smacking 79.8kg to take the title of The Biggest Loser 2014.

Fiona lost 35kg*

Fiona Quilkey has never been small and admits that from childhood, her diet was probably to blame. Then, two years ago, she saw Shannan Ponton speak at a fundraiser and decided to make a change.

Kathy lost 34.7kg*

Kathy McDowell tried to manage her weight for 20 years, and like many disillusioned dieters, she used a variety of methods, diets and clubs. “I’d lose a few kilos then put it all back on,” said Kathy, who at 98 kilos dared herself to get to 100 kilos. “I just thought ‘Why not! I’ll do something about it at 100,’ so in my case, I actually tried to get that fat.”

Jason lost 61kg*

As a fitness professional, Jason couldn’t claim ignorance about nutrition or exercise physiology, but like so many of his clients, a busy schedule meant that he became lazy with food preparation, often settling for fast food and take-out dinners.

Debbie lost 44kg*

On her tenth wedding anniversary, Debbie hit 110 kilos – she was 72 kilos on her wedding day. “It was my light bulb moment,” said Debbie, who with the help of the Biggest Loser Club now wears a size ten. 

Sheri lost 51kg*

Sheri Hampson has been overweight for as long as she can remember, hitting 151kg at her heaviest. Last week, she pulled the zipper closed on a size 8 pair of pants.

Tanya lost 70kg*

A bad relationship, the stress of caring for three autistic children, and a taste for greasy food all led to Tanya Phillips piling on the pounds. After countless diets, Tanya joined The Biggest Loser Club and dropped to 70kg – half of what she’d weighed the year before.

Cathy lost 62kg*

When she was a teenager, Cathy dreamed of winning an Olympic gold medal in sailing. That dream slipped from her grasp, largely due to her struggles with weight gain. Now she has lost 62kg and Cathy is training for Olympic glory. “I'm going to win,” says Cathy. “There is no alternative.”

Shari lost 100kg*

At her heaviest, Shari Ware weighed in at over 170kg. Thanks to The Biggest Loser Club, Shari has transformed her life and restored her health.

Results may vary from person to person.

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